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Petra from Tel-Aviv


Petra from Tel-Aviv

How to travel to Petra from Tel-Aviv?

The best way to travel to Petra from Tel-Aviv is first to arrive to Eilat. You can arrive to Eilat from Tel-Aviv by Egged bus or by Arkia/Israir flight.

Please avoid shady shuttle companies that offer you uncertain transfers ftom Tel-Aviv to Eilat. The only reliable bus company that operate guaranteed transfers from Tel-Aviv to Eilat is Egged.

Yet, we don’t recommend to drive from Tel-Aviv to Eilat overnight. If you choose to arrive from Tel-Aviv to Eilat by Egged bus, then we recommend you to book our tour to Petra with overnight in Aqaba. We will pick you up from Eilat central bs station, transfer you to Aqaba where you will have hotel with dinner, and on the following day join our group tour to Petra.

In case that you have just one day, then the best thing to do is to book the 06:30am flight from Tel-Aviv to Eilat and the 21:00 flight from Eilat to Tel-Aviv. We can pick you up from the airport in Eilat to Petra tour, and drop you off at the airport in Eilat after the tour.

There are companies that offer you a tour to Petra from Tel-Aviv including transfers from Tel-Aviv to Eilat and back to Tel-Aviv. However, these tours are not guaranteed. Also, you will be picked up from Tel-Aviv around 03:00am at night, travel to Petra in a bus with about 50 passengers and arrive to Petra very tired for a mere two hours tour, then return back to Tel-Aviv arround 02:00am at night.

It’s much better to plan your tour properly with Mantis Tours by using flights or a bus with overnight in Aqaba. So, you will really enjoy your Petra tour in our relatively small groups.

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