VIP Petra Tours


VIP Petra Tours

VIP Petra Tours

Mantis Tours & Travel offers you VIP Petra Tours in the price of a regular tour to Petra.

Why settle on on a regular car, when you can be picked up from your hotel in Eilat by a luxory Audi?

While other tour operators require you to take a taxi from your hotel in Eilat to a bus that will wait for you at a pick-up point (and pay for it from you own pocket, after they promised you that they don’t have any hidden costs), we pick you up from your hotel in Eilat by a luxury Audi. Although you paid for a group tour (about the same price as other tour operators), you will have the feeling like you are in a Private Petra Tour.

Moreover, if you book a Private Petra Tour, then with us your entire tour will be private – from the pick-up from your hotel in Eilat until the drop-off back at your hotel in Eilat. This is as opposed to other tour operators that give you a Private Petra Tour only in Jordan, while in Eilat you will be a part of a big group.

Of course that our VIP Petra Tours are not only about the type of vehicle. We also have the best Petra Tour Guides. Read more about why booking tours with us!

By the way, you should be rightfully upset that other tour operators require you to arrive by yourself to the bus that waits at the meeting point. But, you should be aware to the fact that if the bus picked up the people from their hotel, than you would have waited for it for more than a hour. So, it’s just a question of logistics. However, we solved this logistics problem by sending a private car to each hotel at the same time. I think that it’s better than asking you to take a taxi on your expense, like other tour operators do.

So, please don’t hesitate, and book now our VIP Petra Tours!

Have a great trip! 🙂

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