Eurovision 2019


Eurovision 2019

Eurovision 2019

Tonight will start the Eurovision 2019 in Tel-Aviv, after that Israel had won the Eurovision last year for the 4th time.

Out of 42 times that it participated the contest, Israel won the Eurovision 4 times on 1978, 1979, 1998 and 2018, and it located on the 6th place, together with Netherlands, in the all times winnings table of this contest.

On this year, Lior Lev will represent Israel in the Eurovision contest that will take place in Expo Tel-Aviv with the hit song ‘Hai Beseret’ (Living in a Movie).

All the citizens in Israel cross fingers to Lior Lev, whom we hope to get Douze Pua, and will hopefully get Israel to win the Eurovision 2019 contest on the second year in a row.

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