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Where can you book tours


Where can you book tours to Jerusalem and tours to Petra?

Visiting Eilat?

First of all, you will really like Eilat. It’s sunny 333 days in a year with a beautiful sea and nice people.
I live in Eilat, and about 90% of the tourists who I meet in Eilat want to visit Jerusalem – the City of Gold.
It’s also very recommended to travel from Eilat to Petra, the Red-rose City, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, for at least one day.
Where can you buy a tour to Jerusalem and a tour to Petra from Eilat?
Well, there are many websites that offer these tours. You can also buy these tours from your agent at your hotel or from your tour operator.
I will tell you a little secret. Your ‘tour operator’ in Eilat is not really a tour operator. He is just a local agent who buys a list of tourists from agencies in Russia. Your agent in Russia sells your information (name and hotel) to agents in Eilat.
Your agent will meet you at your hotel in Eilat and convince you to pay him a lot of money, and get vouchers for the tours. They tell people that you must buy the tours from them right now, because that afterwards they won’t be available, and if you buy the tours from someone else, then you won’t have an insurance and probably nobody will come to pick you up to the tour and you will lose your money.
The truth is actually the opposite. These agents don’t have any license. They just charge you excessive rates, and pay a small amount of money to the cheapest tour operator in Eilat, leaving a huge commission for themselves. Of course that this tour operator is far of being the best.
Most of the agents in the hotels send their tourists to some obscure tour operator called ‘Fun Time’. You can read the reviews of tourists about the services of that company on TripAdvisor.
The best tour operator in Eilat, according to LTG (Luxury Travel Guide) magazine and TH (Travel & Hospitality) magazine is ‘Mantis Tours & Travel’. You can be impressed by the super great reviews of this company on TripAdvisor.
When you book a tour online directly from a good reputable tour operator, you actually pay less and get much more.
So, for a conclusion, have a great vacation and enjoy your tours!
See you in Eilat! 🙂

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