Petra Tour Mini Group


Petra Tour Mini Group

Petra Tour Mini Group

Our Petra Tours are usually in small groups of up to 18 people (i.e. minibus). These Petra Tours are consisidered as VIP, like a business class. Yet, we charge for these tours the same price (or lower) that other companies charge for a regular tour in a big bus and without a lunch (our tours to Petra include a very special lunch at an authentic Jordanian restaurant).

However, we don’t just do the best, but aim to above and beyond. Therefore, we decided to launch a special Semi-Private Petra Tour Small Group from Eilat, in order to accommodate the need of people who are looking for a private tour to Petra, but are willing to share their tour with few other people to cut the costs. This Petra Tour Mini Group offers you a Semi-Private Petra Tour Small Group with up to 10 people in a group, and in a reasonable price that is close to the price of our regular group tour to Petra from Eilat.

Please note that when you book a private tour to Petra or an one day Petra Tour in other companies, then you’ll be in a big bus with about 50 people and only in Petra tour you might be divided into smaller group. Not to mention that you’ll have to pay for a taxi from your own pocket in order to meet the bus at the meeting point in Eilat.

Mantis Tours promise you a Petra private tour, and gives you a private Petra tours from Eilat hotel and back.

The price of our one day tour to Petra from Eilat is only $200 per person (not including border fees and visa fees). You can book a private Petra tour from Eilat for $350 per person (not including border fees and visa fees), or add just $50 for a Semi-Private Petra Tour Mini Group (I mean, a tour to Petra in a mini group) for only $250 per person (not including border fees and visa fees).

Book now your Semi-Private Petra Tour Mini Group with us!

Have an amazing trip! 🙂

SPECIAL OFFER: Semi-Private Tour to Petra - only $250!!!

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