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Tours to Petra from Tel-Aviv


Welcome to Tel-Aviv!

The non-stop city offers you long and beautiful beaches, many shops and rich night life.

If you are interested in culture and history, then Mantis Tours offers you a variety of tours in the Holy Land from Tel-Aviv, including tours to Petra from Tel-Aviv.

Well, I’m sure that you are interested to know how to travel to Petra from Tel-Aviv. Mantis Tours offers you the best option how to visit Petra from Tel-Aviv.

The best way to visit Petra from Tel-Aviv is to cross the border to Jordan at Arava border crossing in the south. You can drive to the southern city from Tel-Aviv by Egged bus via route 90, or take an Arkia/Israir flight from Ben-Gurion airport. You should prefer a flight from Sde-Dov airport in Tel-Aviv, as long as it’s still opened. There are also some private companies that you can find in the Internet, which offer shuttle buses from Tel-Aviv. However, my advise is to avoid untrusty companies that don’t have guaranteed schedules.

We are available to you, in order to plan your best Petra tour from Tel-Aviv.

Please contact us now for more information about Petra tours from Tel-Aviv. Our email is: [email protected]

Our representatives are waiting for your call or email. Call now +972-53-2298922

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