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Tours to Petra from Jerusalem


Welcome to Jerusalem!

The Holy City offers you many beautiful historical and cultural sites in the Old City, like the Wailing Wall (Western Wall), Via Dolorosa, churches and more. The New City also offers you a great deal of interest and fun.

If you are interested in culture and history, then Mantis Tours offers you a variety of tours in the Holy Land from Jerusalem, including tours to Petra from Jerusalem.

You can travel to Petra from Tel-Aviv via Sheikh Hussein Bridge in the north. However, this crossing border isn’t easy to cross and takes a really lot of time. Also, it’s very far from Petra, so it won’t be possible for you to visit it in one day. Mantis Tours offers you the best option how to visit Petra from Jerusalem.

The best way to visit Petra from Jerusalem is to cross the border to Jordan at Arava border crossing in the south. You can drive to the southern city from Jerusalem by Egged bus via route 90, or take an Arkia/Israir flight from Ben-Gurion airport. There are also some private companies that you can find in the Internet, which offer shuttle buses from Jerusalem. However, my advise is to avoid untrusty companies that don’t have guaranteed schedules.

We are available to you, in order to plan your best Petra tour from Jerusalem.

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