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Tour to Jerusalem offers a wonderful opportunity to visit an ancient city bustling with life

Jerusalem is the oldest living city and is considered a place of pilgrimage by Jews, Christians and Muslims, making it a must visit in a lifetime destination.

Jerusalem claims the distinction of being one of the oldest living cities of the world. Moreover, it is a center of pilgrimage for Muslims, Jews and Christians who all revere this hallowed land. For tourists it is the Old City and the Walls that prove to be the main attraction. So, plan a tour to Jerusalem with a tour operator and make a beeline for this part of the ancient city.

Climb to the Mount of Olives and admire the panorama beneath your feet. Jerusalem has grown, but it is the old city where you will travel to experience a taste of different cultures. Your tour to Jerusalem should include the Church of All Nations, the Tomb of David and The Room of the Last Supper in Mount Zion, as also a walk in the Jewish Quarter followed by a trip to the Wailing Wall.

You could also pick a tour to Jerusalem that will take you to the Zion Gate and the Armenian quarter. The old city, as you will find, is divided into four quarters, each with its own cultural ethos and lifestyles, as well as cuisines you must sample as you move along. The Muslim quarter lies along the Lion’s Gate in the East with a typical Arab culture prevailing in this area. Then you walk to the Christian quarter in the Northwestern area from where it extends up to the Damascus Gate, and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, considered as one of the holiest places by Christians all over the world.

If you pick an option in your tour to Jerusalem to visit the Armenian quarter, you will enter a different world altogether, as Armenians have brought their distinctive culture there and the lifestyle still reflects it. You may leave out one or the other of the above quarters but you must visit the Jewish quarter in the southeastern side of the old city, starting from Zion Gate. This is where the tomb of David is located and is a place visited by Jews from all over the world.

Plan for a leisurely walk, and devote an entire day to the Old City because there are many tiny shops dotting the streets. You will also come across authentic restaurants serving genuine Arab, Jewish or Moroccan food in each quarter, and that is one of the charms of Jerusalem: you get to imbibe culture and sample foods like nowhere else. When you plan a tour to Jerusalem, pick Mantis Tours and have their guide take you along and point out the most interesting spots, as well as recount legends associated with the place.

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