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Tips for tours to Petra, Wadi Musa and Wadi Rum

Know the local customs and the weather conditions if you are to make the most of Petra Wadi Rum tours.

If you are traveling to the historic ancient city of Petra in Jordan, there are several things you should know to keep you safe, and to help you get more out of the tour experience.

First, do not opt for a single day tour of Petra. Instead, select a Petra Wadi Rum tour, since Wadi Rum also has some traces of Nabataean heritage, in addition to offering a wonderful view of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom rock, the sandstone formations, the Jabal Umm Fruth Bridge and the Nabataean Temple. Start from Eilat in Israel, take a locally organized Petra Wadi Rum tour that takes you to the Aravah border crossing, and proceed to Wadi Rum for a day of sightseeing. Spend the night in hotels in Wadi Musa or in a Bedouin encampment for a truly local flavor, and reserve the next day for Petra. The sunrise is something you should not miss. The golden rays of the rising Sun light up the rose-red rocks with a wonderful color. Spend the day exploring the Treasury, the Temple, The Tombs and the amphitheater, in addition to a number of other interesting sites in Petra. Remember to have a bottle of water with you at all times. Moreover, women, do not travel alone; always be part of a group for your own security.

Since they are spread apart, it will involve quite a bit of walking and time to truly admire each artifact. Hire a donkey-drawn buggy to take you around, and you will be able to take in quite a bit more than if you travel on foot. Talking about foot travel, wear strong yet comfortable shoes, since the terrain is rough and rocky. Also, wear light cottons if you travel in summer or have woolens at hand if you travel in winter, which is the best time for Petra explorations. As for women, it is better if you keep yourself covered with conservative clothing than the traditional T-shirts and jeans. Wear sunglasses, and keep your head covered in deference to local customs. Shop in the local market but beware of shopkeepers trying to sell you fake antique coins and stuff you do not need. Your Petra Wadi Rum tour becomes all the more enjoyable if you have an experienced tour guide to point out places of interest and assist with shopping, local food and accommodation.

While in Petra, the sites you must visit are the Siq, which is the approach through a narrow pass, and then the Treasury, the Monastery, the Theater, the great temple, the Obelisk and Aharon’s Tomb and the Triclinium. Petra by dawn is an enchanting sight, and it becomes magical at night. However, remember you have to leave the sight before closing time.

If you are crossing over from Israel, you have to pay border taxes and other charges. So, it is best to keep currency handy for these and for the horse and donkey cart hire. In addition, have your passport and travel documents in hand. Your tour guide will give you all information, so that you are not stranded or encounter difficulties. With Mantis Tours, your Petra tour goes off like a dream.

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