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Petra travel: its outstanding universal value

Petra is a unique city situated between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, and according to historical record the city was densely inhibited since its historic time. It was the capital city of Nabateans and in Roman period became a vital trade center for China silk, Indian spice, Arabian incense.
However, due to one massive natural calamity the whole city was destroyed and people of Petra city left the place leaving all the glory and prosperity behind. Today Petra means old ruins and wreckage of royal buildings, monuments, and a massive fossil of once active plumbing and sewage system of the city. World famous Petra travel is all about exploring the city at its dead condition where there is no life but history and tradition of a rich past is still alive here. The city of Petra is known for its awesome archeological values as the city ruins are considered as one of the largest and richest archaeological sites in a red sand stone background. Presently it has been declared as a world heritage site under UNESCO.
The set plan for Petra tour is not like some leisurely indulgence for a difficult excavation tour or exploring some decayed ruins of historical age. It has a universal value in the history of mankind. The great amalgamation of Hellenic architectural fasciae and conventional trend of Nabataean rock-cut temple stands out as a unique and awesome architectural achievement and great artistic success. The Khasneh, the Palace Tomb, the Urn Tomb, the Corinthian Tomb, and the Monastery (Deir) are some of the spots here that need to be visited in your Petra travel itinerary list.
It is extremely important that you plan your Petra visit with some authentic tour operator only. This will ensure your safety and best coverage of this ancient dead city for excellent hang of the place.

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