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Luxury Petra – Travel Petra tours With Luxurious Style

Not all tours do you prefer to spend luxuriously. The luxury tours can only be enjoyed when you are out to get refreshed and pamper yourselves. A trip to explore something cannot be luxurious. This is because; on these trips, you would love to stay within the cultural community to know more about the place. These stays are more interesting. A trip to Jordan can be called an expedition rather than a luxurious vacation. But if you will you can make it a luxurious one. The stay depends on the intention of the trip. If you are on a luxurious stay, you would only love to be pampered within the resort or love to visit some exotic destination, where you can feel the richness of life.

Choosing the luxurious stay

You will not like to walk for km just to explore the ruins on some luxurious tours to Petra. But you can live an enjoyable vacation in the midst of history. Petra trip is not a luxurious one, as staying in the Bedouin caves is more attractive than the themed hotels. However, the Moevenpick Hotel, Petra, and Moevenpick Petra Nabataean Castle are the two five-star hotels for you to enjoy luxury. In the midst of the tranquil history of the Nabataean civilization, one can relish an evening viewing the ecstatic beauty of the rose city. The night of Petra seems to look brighter from these resorts. The lights are extensively lit to make you sight Petra with more pomp and gay.

Resort stay

The two resorts promising luxury is located right at the entrance to the historic rose city. When all architectures are made of sandstone, one may also think that their luxurious abode for few days would also be made of sandstone. No, it isn’t made of sandstone, but it has its construction done with some exhilarating combination of natural stone. The walls and roofs are handcrafted with wood. The Middle Eastern fabrics and textures can be found in everything you use. Starting, from the cushions to carpets all have tinges of Middle Eastern art flourishing in them. There are 183 newly refurbished suites. You can choose nay among from them.  A wide area of dining along with some exquisite cuisines of the Middle East will make your vacation more luxurious. These resorts can be booked through Mantis Tours by prior booking.

Feeling the Castle

The next place which too pledges you for a lavish vacation is the Moevenpick Nabataean Castle hotel is designed like a castle in the Middle East architecture. It was the receiver of the Agha Khan Award for the best hotel developed in Islamic Architecture. The presence of the 110 square meter heated pool near the castle’s ground level is what attracts tourists visiting for a comfortable trip. The windows are opened in the summer which gives a view of the pre-historic architectures. The view from the private terrace is something to cherish. All the suits are extremely spacious and furnished with comfortable furniture. All rooms are made in such a way that it would give you a view of some part of the city. Few rooms and suites have an opening towards the high lift valley.

Confirming the lavish stay

For experiencing these exotic views and luxury, prior bookings are required. Reservations are available online with some advance. They also provide with jeeps to feel the rustic deserts, the great rift valleys, etc. These resorts give s a view of the entire candle lit city at night from the roof tops. Enjoying them with a glass of any standard drink would make you feel in the middle of the Nabataean kingdom.

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