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Jordan Petra tour: what is special about it?

Petra of Jordan is called “Rose red city”. It is a famous, antique Nabataean city located at the southern part of Jordan. It was the capital city of Nabataean Kingdome in the year 6th century BC, and during Roman era of this place, it was developed by Romans gorgeously as capital city of the region. As a reason there were plenty of royal buildings and huge infrastructures. Petra was known at that time as a vital center of trade and commerce in contemporary Jordon area. Presently, this city is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and Jordan Petra tour is considered as one of the most popular historical tours in Israel area.
Around 663 AD, Petra faced a devastating earthquake and most of its building and water system was completely destroyed. As a result of this mass destruction, post-earthquake Petra was abandoned by its inhabitant and its memory remained alive only in history. Now the city has gorgeous ruins of big building and destroyed infrastructure of a prosperous city, which pulls millions of tourists round the year. Recently, the site has been declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO. Jordan Petra tour is all about exploring this ancient city in its present condition.
There are total 4 segments within Petra with the facility of animal transport. These 4 are Siq entrance (where entry animal is horse), Treasury Entrance (entrance by cart), 800-staitrcase gate entrance (by using donkey), and from treasury to Monastery stairs (camel or donkey).
The ruined city and its rich history are the main attraction of this ancient city and its cherished memory is the special x factor of the Jordan Petra tour. However, the wonder city can be visited around the year regardless the change of season.

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