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Israel Petra tours: what is the best time to visit?

Jordan has plenty of tourist attractions to boast of; however, one of the most treasured and unique tourist attraction of this place is Petra city, which is now listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In nutshell, Petra is a city, once was extremely famous for its geographical advantageous position and commercial significance in Arab Nabataean realm. The city was the capital city of Nabataean’s, and it was a major coordination point of incense, silk, and spice trade routes from China, India, Egypt, Syria, Rome, Greece, and southern Arabia before around 2000 years before.
Popularity of Israel Petra Tours is all time high in Israel tourism. As the main focus of this trip is visiting the ruined city and learning its history of prosperity, sometimes it can be hectic too. The detailing how the Arabs could carve the city out of a mountainous valley is a matter of research indeed. The entire tour includes lots of outdoor travel, hence it is important to know the best time when a safe and pleasant Petra tour can be best arranged.
The most interesting fact is Petra can be visited anytime in the year. However, you need to book your Petra trip with authentic and reliable tour operators like mantis-tours.com; it will ensure your optimum satisfaction and best safety of the tour. In rainy season if ever the tour gets postponed due to heavy rainfall, mantis-tours.com refunds the money to all its clients, taken for booking of the tour.
The best time to arrange your Israel Petra Tours is spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November), which offer best climate. April month is the peak time in this aspect. However, the best time to enjoy the grandeur of Petra by early morning and middle of the morning or by late afternoon. These time spans are the best slots for taking best photographs from this ruined city’s royal ruins.

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