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Israel Active Interest Tour – 10 Days

Day 1
Overnight: on Mount Carmel

Drive along the coastal road to Kibbutz Sdot Yam near the ancient city of Caesarea and ride a high-speed inflatable boat over the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Visit the magnificent Roman and Crusader ruins of Caesarea.
For lunch, drive to the Druze village of Isfiya on biblical Mount Carmel and enjoy Druze hospitality.
Take an afternoon hike in “Little Switzerland,” a nature reserve in the evergreen Carmel hills.

Day 2
Overnight: Galilee Area

Start the day with a two-hour horseback ride on the Mount Carmel ridge.
Then drive to Haifa. Among the attractions of this bayside capital of the northern coast, visit the Bahai Shrine and gardens.
In the afternoon, visit Tsipori, a capital city from the Mishnaic period (2nd-4th centuries) and see the “Mona Lisa of the Galilee,” an amazing mosaic floor of a wealthy villa in this long-ago town, and explore the impressive rock-cut water system.

Day 3
Overnight: Upper Galilee Area

Start the day with a drive to Israel’s far north and ride the longest cable car in Israel up the Manara Cliff for a magnificent view of the Hula Valley, snow-capped Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights. Manara also offers a half-day adventure, including mountain-slide coaster cars, rappelling, zip-line and swimming in Kibbutz Manara’s swimming pool.

In the afternoon, go kayaking in one the Jordan River or one of its tributaries.

Day 4
Overnight: Sea of Galilee Area

Drive to the Golan Heights, to the Gamla Nature Reserve and bird sanctuary and hike to the ruins of ancient Gamla, or chose from a variety of other hiking experiences. Then meet the locals over a falafel or pizza in the commercial center at Katzrin, the capital of the Golan.

After lunch, join an ATV tour across the Golan Heights to Mount Bental, overlooking the border with Syria.
End the day with a swim in one of the water parks or beaches on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Day 5
Overnight: in the Dead Sea area

Today a different kind of adventure awaits — a spiritual one.
Drive to Safed (Tzefat), city of mystic synagogues, art and music. If you love art and a mystical atmosphere you could spend a week here. Take the morning to stroll through the picturesque Artist Colony, visiting artists in their galleries and peeking into the old synagogues.

At the HaMeiri House Museum you can hear many stories about the special people who used to live in Safed. If you really are adventurous (and male), you can try to bathe in the freezing waters of the Ari Mikveh near the old cemetery, which is believed to bring good luck.

In the afternoon drive along the shore of the Sea of Galilee where, according to Christian tradition, Jesus walked on water.
Continue to the archeological remains of Beit Shean, a city with over 6000 years of history. Climb the ancient tell for a fantastic view and to explore the biblical ruins. Below, visit the huge Roman theater, bathhouse and main street from Byzantine times.

Drive through the Jordan Valley to the area of Ein Gedi on the shore of the Dead Sea.

Day 6
Overnight: in the Dead Sea area

Early in the morning, travel to Massada, a historical and dramatic highlight of Israel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Ascend to the top on foot or by cable car and tour the ruins of the mountain fortress.Along the Dead Sea, take a short hike through the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve to the waterfall and beautiful spring.

After lunch, float in the water of the Dead Sea, the saltiest body of water in the lowest place on earth.

Day 7
Overnight: in Eilat, Israel’s southern-most city on the shore of the Red Sea

Today you can arrange for a jeep tour of the moon-like terrain of Mishor Amiaz on Mount Sodom and Nahal Pratzim.
Then drive south in the geographical wonder of the Great Rift Valley to Ein Yahav and meet modern day farmers who use high-tech methods to grow phenomenal organic fruits and vegetables. See homemade cosmetic products from the Aloe Vera cactus made at Moshav Ein-Yahav.

Drive along the peaceful border with Jordan and visit the Hai Bar Nature Reserve, for a safari-like drive-through, seeing roaming biblical animals along the way. At Timna Park, enjoy the Mines of Time presentation and chose from a variety of hikes through spectacular rock formations.

Day 8
Overnight: in Eilat

Israel has only four bodies of water, but each one is unique. After swimming in a fresh water lake in the north and the Dead Sea, now it’s time to try a tropical sea.

Let the day begin with snorkeling or Scuba-diving in the Coral Beach Nature Reserve of Eilat. Visit the nearby Underwater Observatory Marine Park.

In the afternoon, treat yourselves to a magnificent sunset from the top of Mt. Tzefahot (Slate Mountain). You can drive, hike or arrange to experience part of the trail on camelback.

A night on the town awaits one of the dozens of bars, restaurants, cafés or discotheques Eilat has to offer.

Day 9
Overnight: in Mitzpe Ramon.

Leave Eilat and drive northward via the Negev Desert to Mitzpe Ramon, located on the edge of a unique geological wonder.
It is a phenomenon known as a Makhtesh: a huge crater developed by water erosion on top of a mountain ridge. There are three Makhteshim in Israel, which are the only formations of their kind in the world.
Hike in Nahal Nekarot in the Ramon Crater, Enjoy a visit to the local Alpaca Farm, and you can even play “Desert Archery” — a game the whole family will enjoy, using bows and arrows to shoot big targets as you hike.

Choose from a wide variety of outdoor sports options, such as mountain biking (bikes are for rent at or through your hotel), rock-climbing and rappelling, all within a few minutes’ walk from the town center.

Day 10
After a breakfast in the hotel featuring a variety of local specialties, drive to the ancient Nabatean city of Ovdat (Avdat), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore the archeology and history of this bygone civilization of desert merchants and farmers.

Hike to the nearby oasis of Ein Ovdat, and then visit the modest home of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion at Kibbutz Sde Boker.

Continue via the biblical city of Be’er Sheba to Tel Aviv, and let the partying begin in this round-the-clock city, the culture capital of Israel and then it’s on to Jerusalem, the Holy City and Israel’s capital.

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