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Get Mesmerized By the Spirituality of Jerusalem

Jerusalem has rightly won the tag of being the holiest city in the world. The Christians, Jews, and the Muslims hold Jerusalem to be very sacred. An aura of spirituality engulfs the whole city of Jerusalem. The city is divided into the New City and the Old City. Both the segments of the city offer contrasting cultures which are present in two different parts of the region. The older one houses the ancient traditions and heritage; the newer one has the modern culture of the latest technologies.

Get to see the classic sites:

The city offers many spots of attraction which are classic by nature. The major Christian sites are the overwhelming places that you may obviously not like to miss out on. As per the Bible, The famous Last Supper of Christ took place in Jerusalem. He was crucified at this city and rose to resurrection. The Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter has some buildings and holy places, around 40 in number at this region. During your tour to Jerusalem, one of the most prominent places of pilgrimage is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Jesus Christ was crucified and buried here. It is considered as one of the holiest sites for the Roman Catholics,

Stations of the Cross:

Another vital location is Stations of the Cross. This is the path route which Jesus had taken while he went for the crucifixion carrying his cross. This trail will bring you the ancient Jerusalem starting from Antonia Fortress and ending at the Holy Sepulcher. The final five stations are located in the church itself. Another good place to see is the Church of St. John the Baptist. On the top of Mount of Olives, there is the Church of All Nations. This is where Jesus Christ last offered his prayers before being imprisoned. The church has been built with the aid of many countries. Before the present structure, there was the ancient Crusader churches, the remains of the same still exist.

Explore further locations:

Major tour operators in the region like Mantis Tours & Travel take you to see all the major spots during your exciting classic tour to Jerusalem, and make it a memorable one for you. In the classic sites of Jerusalem, you get to see the Garden of Gethsemane. It is believed that Mary had been buried at this location. Go to have a look at the Domitian Abbey, the place of death of Mary. A church had been built here by Kaiser Wilhelm II. According to another belief, Mary has been buried at the spot of the ascent of Mount of Olives known as the Mary’s Tomb. You get to see the display of the events of the life of Mary till her death.

Get peace of mind:

In the end, you must not miss seeing the Garden Tomb, which is believed by some Christians as a right place for the burial and resurrection of Christ and the Chapel of the Ascension from where Christ ascended to Heaven.  When you come back seeing these classic sites, a feeling of spiritual fulfillment is sure to engulf you and create mental peace.

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