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Enjoy your Christmas in Petra and Wadi Rum

Wondering what to do this Christmas, looking for some winter sun? Take a tour to Jordan, a grand Jordan trip packs in Crusader castles, Roman ruins and views of the Promised Land. Now go for a dip in the Dead Sea, camp out in Petra Wadi Rum and enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner in the famous Red Rose City of Petra Wadi Rum. This is an example of an exciting Jordan Xmas trip that is definite to be a Christmas cracker.

The following is a guide of the things you can do and observe if you were to take a Christmas Jordan Petra trip.

The first day of your trip is on 22 December, and it is Welcome to Jordan, as your 1st night is spent in the capital of Amman. The following daytime you will drive north to visit Jerash, one of best preserved cities of Decapolis, a confederation of Ten Roman Cities dating from the first century. You will search a significant number of conserved ruins including the traditional Roman colonnaded street, nymphaeum, amphitheater and forum, prior to continuing to Umm Qais, dramatic black basalt Roman city of the Decapolis through great views over the Sea of the Galilee and the Golan Heights.

Next your Jordan trip heads south through the Dead Sea to Petra Wadi Rum. Time to experiment your powers of good spirits in the mineral rich waters! This after-noon you stop off at Shobak or Kerak crusader palace on the way to the antique Rose city of Petra Wadi Rum.

25th December, it is Merry Christmas Jordan, where you could be able to enjoy your Petra Wadi Rum. Accessing the secret archaeological reserves of the Red Rose City on a walk throughout a narrow, deep siq, where the rocks lastly give a way to reveal the famous portico of Al-Khazneh, you continue our investigation. On your Jordan tour, you will travel around dozens of temples, tombs, an impressive amphitheater, and a Roman colonnaded avenue before settling into an Anglo Jordanian Christmas banquet at the Petra Kitchen.

No Jordan trip would be complete without a visit to Wadi Rum, so after a good chance to come back to the Red Rose City you will drive towards Wadi Rum where you enjoy a safari 4×4 across the eye-catching desertscape.

Tonight insert into dinner, Jordanian approach and sleep whole night in the desert camp until the morning sunlight. It is time to end your journey in to Wadi Rum, as your Jordan trip returns to Madaba through Mount Nebo taking in vision across the Promised Land. Your Xmas Jordan trip concludes in Madaba and its moment to decide where to look in the New Year.

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