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Do you need a ‪vacation‬? Come to have ‪‎fun‬ in the ‪resort‬ city of ‪‎Eilat‬, ‪‎Israel‬.

The city’s ‪‎beaches‬, ‪‪‎coral reef‬, ‪‎nightlife‬ and ‪‎desert‬ ‪‎landscapes‬ make it a popular destination for domestic and international ‪tourism‬.

Enjoy‬ the local authentic ‪‎foods‬, try an introductory ‪scuba diving‬, and have fun at ‪‎ATV‬ ‪‎quads‬, ‪water sports‬ and ‪parasailing‬.

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