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Cheapest way to visit Petra from Israel


The red-rose city of Petra, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, is definitely a place worth a visit. However, the prices for tours to Petra that the various tour agencies ask are rather expensive – about 250 USD for one day tour to Petra.

So, what is the cheapest way to visit Petra from Israel?

Well, if you are in Tel-Aviv, then you first have to arrive to Eilat (the southern city of Israel). You can arrive to Eilat by flight or by bus. Egged bus ticket from Tel-Aviv to Eilat costs 86 NIS (round trip is a little bit cheaper).

From Eilat you will need to take a taxi to the border, which will cost you about 10 USD.

After crossing the border to Jordan, you will have to negotiate with the Jordanian taxi drivers for the price of the drive to Petra. A good price for a round trip is 70 JD (about 105 USD). If you are 4 people, then the drive will cost you only about 26 USD each.

Now when you arrive to Petra, you will have to say goodbye to a big chunk of money for the entrance fees. Petra ticket costs 90 JD (about 135 USD), which is the biggest cost of the trip.

If you would like to hire a local guide in Petra, then you will have to pay him 100 USD (not including tip). Lunch at one of the local restaurants in Petra costs 15-25 USD, and a taxi from the border back to your Eilat will cost you another 10 USD.

So, for two people a day trip to Petra will cost about 220 USD per person, if you won’t hire a tour guide, and this doesn’t include the border fees.

So, you might prefer to pay extra 30 USD to a tour agency, and that way you will know that everything is taken care of.

Well, actually there is even a much cheaper way to visit Petra. Mantis Tours, a local reputable tour operator offers you one day Petra tour from Eilat for only 185 USD, including all transfers (from your hotel in Eilat and back), a professional tour guide who will accompany you throughout the all tour, entrance fees to Petra, lunch at a superior restaurant in Petra with free water in the bus and at the restaurant, and also a free souvenir as a present.

Even if you are a party of four people, it will be much better for you to travel to Petra with Mantis Tours, since that four people who do the Petra tour by themselves need to spend minimum 181 USD without a guide, while with Mantis Tour all is taken care of for only 185 USD with a professional tour guide.

So, book now our Petra day trip!

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