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Be a part of an unforgettable experience


If you are constantly attracted to visit the holy land, then trip to Petra. Spiritual tourism through Petra tours allows you to look out all the places of spiritual concern. Maybe you have seen different images of Petra through the TV advertisement, newspaper, and magazine, movies, etc. However, you cannot feel the original beauty of this place unless you actually visit this place. Imagine a whole city engraved out more than a thousand years ago from Desert Mounts and the red-rose stone, you will prompt to obtain an idea of the splendor of this old city.

A hallowed urban with thousands of years of antiquity

If you are preparing for tour to Jerusalem with your family, then contact your nearest tourism business now. First, you have to reach the old city of Jerusalem. Here, you can visit many places and historic places that make you feel happy. It is the essential of the city, a warren of passages, thin streets, and markets. There is a chance to lose way. However, do not need to worry about that issue. It is always better to take a guide while you are visiting this place, because they can provide you all the historic information related to each historic place.

Places to visit in Jerusalem

In the Jewish Quarter, the most popular place is the Western Wall. It was built by Herod the Great more than 2,000 years ago. In Judaism, it is the holiest place. The entire area is divided by two portions, an enormous section of men on the left side and a slight segment for the ladies on the right side. Anybody can enter this place if they are dressed in a correct way. It’s a trust that if you inscribe a prayer down on a portion of paper and insert into the wall’s crack portion, there has a higher chance of being read by god and may your wish will fulfill soon. Therefore, to see this attractive holy place you may contact mantis-tourstour to Jerusalem. It will provide you attractive tour packages that are suitable for your budget.


This is a complete guided tour in Jordan, with complete transportation to all areas and a wide informational tourism app for tablets and smartphones to provide you extra information about every of the sites we break at. The app, information and pictures, with maps, can be downloaded before you set out, and do not need an internet connection. You can also travel the sites, without the director, on your individual if you desire to do so.


So, search the internet to get the proper result. Check the website first to know their services and check the customer review section. Through the customer review section, you can get a complete idea about their services. However, if you have any doubt regarding a tourism company, then contact their customer care service. Reputed and genuine companies have a skilled customer care executive who will provide you complete information.

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