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A tour to the old city of Jerusalem will enchant a vacationer

A tour to Jerusalem will be an unforgettable expedition. The old city is a traveler’s paradise where you can experience enthralling roof-top views, walk down the narrow and ancient streets and soak into the fervor of the market. The hidden surprises and enchanting sights in the city will make a traveler’s visit memorable. Jerusalem has lots to offer. It is the perfect blend of an old world charm and modernity. A walk through the charming neighborhoods is very memorable for a traveler.
Things to do
To visit the holy sites in Jerusalem, a visitor will need a day. Some places of attraction are the Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Temple Mount. A traveler can walk leisurely from one site to the other enjoying the ambience and vibrant vibe that the city has to offer. You can shell out a few dollars on the souvenirs, intricately carved olive-wood mementos and pottery. Each stone in the old city has its own fascinating tale that a tour to Jerusalem will unveil.
Plan an exciting tour
A vacationer will enjoy a trip to the Austrian Hospice, which offers the best rooftop view in the city. You can visit the city to enjoy the free festivals, which are held throughout the year. Some popular festivals are Sound of the Old City, Light Festival and Knights in the Old City that you can enjoy during a tour to Jerusalem. To experience the real Jerusalem a visit to the Machane Ben-Yehuda market is a must. It is an exciting place, which is brimming with activity.

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